Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo Shoot Fiasco!

I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the way that these photos turned out! The actual photo shoot was a mess! The photographer, Alan Hancock was awesome, he was so patient with McKenna! She was an absolute horror! She did not want to cooperate at all with anything that we wanted to do!
Before we did these pictures I looked at a few different photo websites and had picked out the shots that I wanted, but that flew out the window as soon as the shoot started. Not only was McKenna moving the whole time, but she decided that seeing as how she was naked she needed to pee on the black drop cloth, not once, but three times! Once when I was holding her!
I look at the pictures of the babies that are sleeping peacefully and wonder how did that happen? At one point Alan told us that she was by far the most active three week old that he had ever seen! I guess that is some kind of distinction, right? Oh well, she is ours and we couldn't love her more! These are just three of some of the awesome photos he took.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Bathing Beauty!

I was talking to Ashley a couple of days ago and she was like, you aren't even working, I don't know what you do all day, why are you posting pictures of McKenna? So here is what we have done thus far today.

Gave McKenna a Bath

And here is what she is doing right now...

It has been a busy day, what can I say?

It's not easy being a Mom!

I never knew how difficult it was to be a Mom until I became one, I am not referring to the middle of the night feedings or the screaming for no apparent reason.

Earlier this week we had McKenna's 2 week check up where they did her second PKU test. For those of you who don't know what this is they prick your babies foot and then drip blood onto eight rather large circles on a piece of paper. I know that this sounds like no big deal, and I am know in the grand scheme of things it isn't. But, for a first time mother to sit there holding her screaming child while the nurse tells you that your baby is the best bleeder she has ever had, it is kind of traumatic.

I was telling my Mom about how I was almost in tears while this was happening and she told me I am definitely going to need to toughen up. Not exactly the sympathy I was looking for, but it made me think. The more I thought about this the more I realized that this is true.

It kind of hit me hard that this was the first time in McKenna's life that someone was hurting her and she was turning to me to make them stop and for comfort. It kind of scared me because I would do anything in the world to stop her from experiencing pain and being hurt, but I won't be able to shield her from so much. The world is such a big scary place, and you love your kids so much, how do you protect them from all of the bad stuff out there?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Introducing McKenna Lanae Garlick

Our New Little Family

McKenna's First Bath

McKenna at Home

She is here! Our little McKenna was born Monday, May 4th at 4:18am. She weighed in at 8lbs 1oz, and there is a little discrepancy on her length. The hospital told us she was 18 1/2 inches, but when they measured her they kind of guestimated, so Dave measured her last night and she is actually 20 inches. We are pretty sure she didn't gain a couple of inches over night, so she was most like 20 inches when she was born.
It was a long weekend of waiting, but she is here and we are all doing great! We are all a little sleep deprived, but other than that, things are good! I still owe everyone pictures of me huge and pregnant and pictures of my house, but this post is just for my little girl!
I have to tell you, it is a crazy and amazing experience, becoming a Mom! I would highly recommend it to anyone! You think you love your baby when they are in you, but there is nothing like the experience of meeting your baby for the first time and the love you feel at that moment. It is pretty staggering. We love our little girl so much, it is so fun just to watch and see what she will do next!
Just to clarify for everyone, I was the one who picked her name, Dave left if up to me, and I choose McKenna. I know that it wasn't my first choice before she was born, but it fit her better than any of the other names we had come up with.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I am back, Finally!

I feel like pretty much the biggest slacker when it comes to this whole blog thing! In my defense, we have had so much going on lately! Since I last posted Dave and I have bought a home and have gotten ready for our baby.

Yes, I know that I should definitely be posting some pictures of our home, but currently I don't have access to our camera cord, so I am posting without the pics. We are thrilled to death about our new home! We have been renting a home from my family pretty much since we got married, and yes, it was wonderful, and such a blessing, but there is nothing like owning your own home! We are especially thrilled that we have been able to get moved in and settled before our baby comes!

I am a huge slacker because I have promised various people that I would post pictures of me and my big pregnant belly, sorry guys, not on this post. (See reason above). I am not one of those people who thinks they look wonderful pregnant, so in all honesty we have not taken a lot of pictures of me pregnant. Dave did take some of me a couple days ago, and I will post them, I promise.

So I am currently sitting here in the hospital getting induced, which is probably why I was finally able to find time to blog, I am bored. Unfortunately a week ago my blood pressure went up, and when it was checked a couple of days ago it was higher. Anyway, so long story short, my doctor didn't want to risk it turning into pre-eclampysia so he is inducing me a week early. My baby will most likely be born sometime tomorrow. It is pretty crazy, Dave and are really excited though. I will post pictures of our little girl as soon as I am able. Oh, and by the way, we still have not decided on a name yet!