Monday, September 22, 2008

One Fine Saturday

Last Saturday was amazing. You know how there are just some days that are really great, and they stick out in your mind? Well, that was last Sat. for Dave and I. After sleeping in, we got up and went up to the University of Utah Hospital to see Stephanie, Derek, and the triplets. Steph looked good, just exhausted, and the babies were adorable, so tiny. They are all in the NICU, and will be there for at least the next month. They all were under the jaundice lights, hence the cool little shades they are all wearing.
Baby Claire

Baby Brynn

Baby Lia
After seeing the babies we went down down to Provo to the BYU Football game! The game was a total blowout, BYU won Wyoming 44 - 0 ! It was fun, I think this was the first BYU football game that Dave and I have gone to together.

When the game was over we went and picked up Gauge at Dave's parent's and ran over to my parent's to say hi. While we were there Dave got a very important phone call. (A little background on this one, Dave has been applying and interviewing to get into the pharmaceutical industry as a pharmaceutical rep) He was called and offered a job! We were so excited because they told us they were going to let us know the day before, and since they hadn't called, we didn't think it was going to work out. We are thrilled at this new opportunity. It is great, because it is a two year contract and the area he will cover will go from Provo to Idaho Falls. Needless to say we will be staying in Utah for at least the next two years! What an awesome day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

I know that averaging one post a month is not exactly good, but I am working on it. Dave and I had a blast on Labor Day Weekend, we went up to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. He actually had to go up for work, and I tagged along, and then we ended up making a weekend out of it. It was so nice to get away. I have found that Dave and I get along so much better when we actually are around each other, who would have thought?

On Sunday we spent the majority of the day in Yellowstone, which was absolutely beautiful. It was really nice because it wasn't too hot or crowded. Our goal, (actually my goal) was too see lots of animals, we did pretty good, we saw lots of bison, elk, geese, deer, coyote, bear, moose, and ducks.

On Sunday night we got back into Jackson later than we had planned and it was raining and we were running all around looking for a restaurant that was open that served veggie options, you would think that wouldn't have been that big of a challenge, but believe me it was! We ended up at Bubba's BBQ, I have to say, I wouldn't really recommend it. It was definitely an experience!

It was a great weekend, but kind of sad, it means summer is over! It was far too short, there were so many things that we wanted to do, but didn't end up doing!
Dave listening to the BYU game (the speakers on my computer aren't very loud)
Me and Old Faithful
Dave and I at Yellowstone Falls
Dave and I at Old Faithful

Dave at Old Faithful