Tuesday, September 8, 2009

McKenna's Happy Faces!

McKenna is such a happy baby! She is becoming such a little flirt when it comes to her Daddy! She loves Dave so much! It is so cute because she just has to see him and she gets this huge toothless grin! These are pictures we took in Jackson Hole while we were waiting to check into our hotel. McKenna was thrilled to be out of her car seat, and she was smiling and laughing at Dave.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole

We have gone on a lot of fun weekend trips lately! Last weekend we went up to the Idaho Falls Zoo, and then onto Jackson Hole. The wife of one of the doctors Dave visits in Idaho Falls volunteers at the Zoo there and she offered to take us on a tour! We met her last Friday morning and she took us around and told us about all of the different animals, it was so much fun!! She was wearing her Zoo uniform and all of the animals really responded to her, especially the monkeys! I think McKenna had a little more fun on this zoo trip because she is much more aware than she was before, but Dave and I both had a blast

This gorgeous lion sat there and posed for our pictures!

Here we are with the lion (kind of)

McKenna and I with the camel

This is an Asian Sloth Bear, he was one of my favorites because he was so playful the entire time we were there!

After we left the zoo we drove to Jackson Hole for the rest of the weekend. We shopped and did all of the fun touristy things while we were there. We also checked out Teton Village for the first time, it was pretty cool. They were having an Art and Antique fair while we were there so we went to that too. I don't think a lot of people travel with their little babies because everywhere we went in Jackson Hole everyone was stopping us to look at McKenna. In Utah everyone has babies, so we weren't used to all of the extra attention we received!

It was a really fun weekend for our little family. By the time we got home on Saturday night McKenna was so sick of her car seat. She didn't exactly love it before, but now if we are in the car for longer than half an hour she starts crying. Hopefully we didn't traumatize her too much!

Dave and McKenna in Teton Village

Dave and McKenna showing off their new hats in the Mangy Moose!

Our happy little girl, ever since she can face forward in the baby bjorn she likes it so much more!

My little family at the elk antler arches

McKenna, I and a Bison (doesn't he look happy?)

Here McKenna and I are at the arches again, (Dave really liked this arch because there were fresh antlers on it)