Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Silly Baby

I feel like the luckiest person in the world! I happen to be the Mother of the sweetest, funniest little girl! I know that everyone thinks that, but I really think my baby is! McKenna has the funniest little personality! She is such a tease, and she is such a little sweetheart! She loves to be chased around the house, so she will grab Hudson's binkie out of his mouth and then run off with it, hoping that he will follow her. She is such a blessing in my life! I am so happy that I get to be her Mom.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenna in Vintage

It is so much fun to have a little girl! My Mom is so wonderful, she kept quite a few pieces of clothing of mine, and gave them to me. It is so much fun to dress Kenna in them! I don't really remember wearing any of them, but I do have pictures of me in them! Here is a cute little jumpsuit!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July! I thought for sure that it would be nice to have it spread out over the weekend instead of just one day, but I think I was wrong. We had the busiest weekend and I was actually glad to start the new week so we could get back to normal life! We started off on Saturday morning with a neighborhood parade and block pancake party. It was fun but cold, can you believe it? It was July 3rd and it was freezing. I actually had to run home to get a jacket and a blanket for McKenna! Other than the temperature it was a lot of fun! Then that evening Dave and I went to the Stadium of Fire! Carrie Underwood was performing, and it was so awesome! I have been to quite a few Stadium of Fire's and this was by far the best one. They have finally figured out how to do it. There are were a few acts before Carrie and they kept them short and sweet. Then Carrie preformed for about an hour, and I have to say sheis so good in concert. The fireworks were good, but at one point they shot into the crowd and some people got hurt. I think one lady was actually on fire! Security came and took them away, it was pretty crazy.
Then on Sunday we went to church and then that evening we went up the canyon and had a picnic with my family. It was so much fun, and McKenna had a blast! She was running around with all of her cousins, and had the time of her life.
Monday morning we went to the Provo Fourth of July Parade with Dave's family. It is always so much fun! This was McKenna's first parade and she did really good. As long as she was sitting on either Dave or I she wasn't scared with all of the loud noises. I think she didn't really know what to think with all of the chaos. After the parade we went to my parents and had a BBQ and went swimming. McKenna is getting more and more comfortable in the water. After swimming we went to Dave's parents and had another BBQ. Then all of the little cousins swam in a wading pool. It was out of control! There were 7 kids ranging from ages 8 down to 1 trying to play in the water! I think McKenna had fun, but she came away with some war wounds. That evening we did fireworks with the Garlicks. Every year Dave gets really into the fireworks, it is so funny, he likes to put on a show. He ended up with a couple of little burns, nothing to serious, thank goodness.
It was a great weekend! I am just glad that it is over!

Stadium of Fire Fireworks

Carrie Underwood

Dave, McKenna, and Gauge playing in the park

Ella and Kenna at the park

Dave and Kenna at the Provo Parade

Kenna and I at the parade with Gracie and Abi

My cute little family at the parade

Kenna playing in the pool at the Garlicks

All of the Garlick Grandkids playing in the kiddie pool

Dave playing with the fireworks

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Zoo Fun!

Ash and Kenna with the elephants
(you can see the baby elephant if you look close)
Kenna and I in the prairie dog enclosure

Ash and Kenna in an egg

Kenna and Ash with a wolf

Kenna and I seriously sweating in the giraffe house

McKenna lounging in the heat

Ashley, McKenna and I went to the zoo a couple of days ago! It was so much fun! The first couple of times that we took McKenna to the zoo she wasn't aware of the animals, so we enjoyed it, but she was a little oblivious. This time McKenna thought the animals were so great! Aside from being ridiculously hot, it was a great day.