Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm Back!

I am officially back in the blogging world!!! I know that I took quite a break! Dave and I have had so much going on this last little while! Last week alone he had scout camp and I and girls rough camp! Before that we went to St. George for our annual Garlick family vacation, Mike graduated from Orem High, we have another niece and nephew, and we have managed to squeeze in fishing a time or two! All of that along with work is my excuse for not blogging for a long time! Enjoy the pictures of our adventures over the last couple of months!

Peggy and I at Girls Rough Camp (I was the camp director, it was pretty crazy!)
Mike's Graduation from Orem High!
The Garlick Boys at Mike's Graduation
The Largest fish I have ever caught!
Kylee, Abi, and I at Zions
Brent and Denice at Zions
Dave at Zions
Stephanie, Mike, Jenette, and Denice on the Bus at Zions
Dave and Mike at Zions