Friday, April 25, 2008

Bone Church!

Today we went to Kutna Hora, this little town about an hour out of Prague. The town is okay, but by far the coolest thing about it is there is a bone church. This half blind slightly crazy monk way back in the 11th century decided to take human bones that were piling up everywhere and decorate a church with them!! It is a little weird, and kind of freaky, but cool at the same time. This Chandler in the picture has every bone in the human body in it, kind of gross! I have a lot more pictures of this place, I will post them when I get home!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hello From Prague!

I feel like a big slacker this month as I have not yet even posted! There just happens to be internet access at the bed and breakfast we are staying at in Prague, so I figured I would take a second to post.

Unfortunately I don't have my camera cord, so I can't post any pictures, I will do that when I get home, but this place is beautiful.

We are having a little bit of a challenge with the language barrier, but thus far it has not been that big of a deal. The places we go during the day are mostly touristy places, so everyone there speaks some degree of english.

Thus far we have been to Prague Castle and Cathedral, a Classical Music concert, St. Charles Bridge, the Lennon Wall, Korlova Street, the astronomical clock, and many other places! We have had some definite adventures while we have been here and we have been busy!

Today my Mom and Grandma even got brave and tried out some of the local food, the verdict? They weren't really fans. It involved some mystery meat and a lot of grease. I have some great pictures that I will post later.

By the way, it is so great to see Ashley again, we are having so much fun catching up on the last few months!

I will try to post another couple of times with updates on what we are doing while we are here.
We love and miss everyone!