Friday, May 14, 2010

Kenna's 12 Month Stats

My Little Angel and me
Seeing as how McKenna just turned one, we had her 12 month checkup. She is in the 50th percentile for height and head circumference, and 25th for weight. She is 19 1/2 pounds, so we haven't turned her around quite yet in her car seat.
She is growing up so fast, she is so much fun, but it makes me sad that my little baby isn't a tiny little baby anymore. She isn't walking by her self quite yet, we are close though. A small part of me wants her to crawl a little longer, that way she still feels like a baby. But regardless she is getting into everything, she crawls over to something and then stands up so she can reach, so I guess that theory doesn't really work.
This Mommy thing really is the most amazing thing in the world. I feel so blessed to be McKenna's mom. I didn't do a post for Mother's Day, we had so much going on, but it is such an blessing to have the opportunity to have such a sweet spirit in my life. I am also blessed to have a wonderful Mother, Mother-in-law, and Grandmother.
It is so hard for me to watch the news lately, you hear all of the evil awful things going on, especially concerning children. I always had a hard time when someone hurt a child, but after becoming a Mother, it is unthinkable. When I hear about a parent hurting their child, I can't comprehend it, it breaks my heart.
Sorry, I will get off my soapbox, my point was being a Mother truly is the greatest.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kenna's Birthday Pictures

Kenna has changed so much in the last year, I wanted to get some pictures taken of her for her first birthday, and I love how these turned out! Stephanie and Derek used this same photographer last fall and I thought their pictures were great. I was so thrilled she was free to take them. We also took some family shots, I figured we might as well.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Baby's 1!!!

I can't believe my baby is 1 today! Time really does fly, especially when it comes to your kids growing up. Kenna is this sweetest and funniest little girl, I feel so blessed to be her Mother. She adds so much to our home, I wonder what we did without her! It truly is a pleasure to be her Mom. Happy Birthday Sweetie!