Monday, November 2, 2009


Wow, Halloween really changes when you have kids! For the last couple of years Dave and I have had pretty low key Halloweens, but as soon as we had McKenna, we all of the sudden have so much going on. We couldn't really decide what to dress McKenna as, so she had two costumes, a cabbage patch kid and a leopard.
On the Friday before Halloween we dressed McKenna up in her leopard costume and took her to see all of the Great Grandparents, that way we could just go to the Grandparents on Halloween. We took so many pictures and so many of them turned out really good, so I am going to share them all with you!
McKenna and I at Gardner Village
Our pumpkins on our porch
(Dave's, McKenna's, Mine)

Dave and Our Little Cabbage Patch

Great Grandpa Stokes and our little Leopard

Great Grandma and Grandpa Stokes with Kenna

Great Grandpa Behling and Kenna

Great Grandma Garlick and Kenna

Kenna and her Grandpa Bott

She didn't want to sit in the leaves all by herself

All of the "Bott Grandkids"
(Jocelyn, Dallin, McKenna, Landon, Ella)

Our Happy Little Cabbage Patch

Kenna and I
Steve, Gracie, Kenna, and Dave
The Lloyd Family
Miriam, Stephanie, Lia, Claire, Derek, and Brynn

The Darais Family
Abi, Jenette, Danny, Kylee, and Jacob

The Garlick Family
Breanne, McKenna, and Dave
The Delgado Family
Julianne, Gracie, and Steve