Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pete's Hole!

This year to celebrate the 24th of July Dave and I decided to go camping at Pete's Hole. We have come to this pretty little lake at least every other year since we got married. We thought it would be the perfect place for McKenna's first camping trip. Pretty impressive, don't you think, she went camping before she hit twelve weeks old! Actually, I think we may have been just a little crazy to have taken her so young, if we didn't have our tent trailer there is no way we could have done it. It was so nice to get outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather!

Gauge, McKenna, and I holding the fish that Dave is catching in the picture below!(Yes I am holding the fish pretty tight, it had already gotten away twice and Dave was determined to get this picture)

Dave catching a fish for our picture
Dave and McKenna cuddling on our bed

McKenna and I getting ready for our hike

After the first sleepless night we decided to try something different, so we bundled McKenna up and put her in her car seat, it worked great! She slept so well in it, which was a huge relief!

McKenna enjoying the Great Outdoors

McKenna and I playing

Dave and McKenna about to go on a walk

McKenna and I at our campsite

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothing Says Romance Like a stroller

Dave and I have been wanting a running stroller since we had McKenna, so we decided we would splurge and buy one for our sixth anniversary. So romantic, don't you think?
The night we bought it we were planning on hiking up Little Cottonwood Canyon so we thought we would try it out and see how really tough it is. I was impressed, we took it through some pretty rough stuff and it handled it with no problem. The best part about it was McKenna really liked the stroller and had a good time on our hike.

McKenna in the parking lot, just starting out Dave and McKenna

McKenna and I

McKenna at the Top

Saturday, July 18, 2009

McKenna's Blessing

I have to confess that we actually blessed McKenna on July 5th, I am just really slow posting this! It was a perfect day, thank you so much to all you family and friends who came! Dave gave McKenna a beautiful blessing, and afterward we went to my parent's for an open house.
The only way that that day could have gone any better is if these pictures turned out better. Do you ever take a ton of pictures, and it is just a bad "picture day"? I have to say that I do like a couple of them, but we really took a lot of pictures, and for the most part they turned out really bad! I think we are going to have to dress McKenna back up in her dress and take some more pictures, that way we make sure we get some good ones.
McKenna and her DaddyMy Little Princess

A close-up of McKenna
(maybe a little too close?)

Our Family

McKenna and I

Ella, McKenna, and I

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

McKenna's First 5-Miler!

Last Saturday Dave and I took Kenna on her first hike! We went up Mill Creek, one of my favorite canyons because it is gorgeous and Gauge is allowed in it. We did the Terrace hike, it is a fun one that we have done many times in the summer and winter. McKenna did a great job, she just hung out in her baby bjorn and slept most of the way. We traded off with her, but Dave was much tougher, he hiked up with her and I hiked back. I was a little worried going into the hike, but it went so well I can't wait to go again!