Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter, Way Late

I know this post is way after the fact, but some of the pictures were too cute not to post! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we did Easter in stages this year. The Sunday before Easter we celebrated Easter with Dave's family, and on Easter Sunday we had a Easter Egg hunt at our house, and then we watched conference with Dave's family, and then went to my parent's house for an Easter dinner and an Easter Egg hunt.
Kenna did an awesome job of finding the eggs at our house. The Easter bunny didn't hide the eggs really hard considering Kenna was only 11 months, but still. After finding the first egg, and Dave having to pry it out of her hands, she caught on to the fact that she finds the eggs and then puts them in her basket. It was so much fun to watch her crawling around and finding them! I know it is only going to get better, but it was pretty awesome! We had a great holiday!