Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hawaii Part 2

I thought it was finally time I posted about the rest of our Hawaii trip! By the way, Happy New Year!

Here is my hot husband holding my sick baby

My family

Here we are at Pearl Harbor
in the background is the USS Bowfinn, a submarine

My beautiful little girl

Dave on top of the USS Bowfinn

Dave pretending he is firing the guns on the USS Bowfinn

Dave at the USS Arizona Memorial

Me inside the USS Bowfinn

Dave going through a door on the Bowfinn

Me going through a door on the bowfinn

Dave and I on the Bowfinn (Don't you love our little headsets?)

Dave by the large guns on the top of the Bowfinn

McKenna eating her lunch

Looking up on the USS Arizona Memorial

Dave and McKenna at the Waikiki Boardwalk

Kenna and I being beach babes!

Chris and Rebecca just coming in from body surfing

Dave and McKenna hiking Diamond Head Crater
Chris, Rebecca, Dave, McKenna and I hiking Diamond Head

Here I am at the top of Diamond Head