Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bott Family Pictures

You wouldn't know it but to get family pictures this year was a huge accomplishment for me. Trying to find a time that fit into everyone's schedule was next to impossible. We ended up having to reschedule two different times, and by the time we actually did get everyone there for the pictures it was literally about 20 degrees, so we were all pretty much freezing! I don't know, if we opt to do them next year I think we are going to do them VERY early in the fall or in the summer, that way we don't have to deal with the freezing temps and everyone's crazy schedules!

Dallin, Landon, and Ella

Dave, McKenna, and I

Kenna and I

Dave, McKenna, and I
(Apparently I can't stand up straight!)

Ashley and I
(Isn't Ash a babe!)


My Whole Family

Shayla and Jocelyn

Ryan, Dallin, Ella, Callie, and Landon

Temple Christmas Lights

Last Saturday we were able to go and checkout the lights at the Salt Lake Temple with Stephanie and Derek and their kids and Tiffany and John and their kids. It was fun, but the crowds were absolutely crazy because of the Tabernacle Choir Concert. Also, the kids liked the lights, but they could only handle so much, so by the time we left all of the kids were really ready to go.

Regan, Miri, Kenna, and Brynn are all in the choo choo
(the coolest thing ever)

Kenna and I with the lights

Stephanie, Tiffany, and I in front of the temple

Dave, Kenna and I in front of the reflection pool

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's a................GIRL!

We found out unexpectedly today that we are having another baby girl! I had a checkup and out of the blue my doctor asked if we wanted to know the sex if he could tell. Dave and I both said yes! Our new little baby was a good sport about it and yep, there was nothing there!
McKenna is going to have a baby sister! I am so excited to have two little girls so close!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

McKenna is going to be a Big Sister!

Yep, we are working on number 2! I can't even imagine having two of my own, but come next May, it is going to be the case. I am currently 14 weeks along, and due on May 31st. I don't know if this is common, but with McKenna I didn't start showing for a long time, but with this one I am already showing! I am at the unfortunate chubby stage where you just look like you are putting on weight, but thank goodness it doesn't last too long! We are a absolutely thrilled that our family is growing!