Friday, September 23, 2011

The Power of Thank you!

I have been working with Kenna for quite a while on being polite, I obviously want her to say please and thank you. She is usually pretty good about saying please, but she forgets to say thank you. So when she does say thank you, especially when I don't have to remind her to say it, I make a pretty big deal of it. I also usually tell her that it makes me so happy when she says thank you.

A couple of nights ago I was not having a good night, I was really stressed out. I was getting both of my girls ready for bed and they both had been crying. I was doing my best to get Kenna into her pajamas but she was really hyper and jumping on her bed. I had finally had it and I told Kenna that I was not happy and she needed to stop jumping right now! She stopped jumping and asked me if I was happy, I told her no, I wasn't. Then she looked at me and said, Thank you Mom. Now are you happy? I couldn't help but smile, it really did make me happy, how could it not?

I'm Back!!

I feel like pretty much the biggest slacker ever! I have a valid reason for not posting, at least for the beginning of the summer, my computer caught a nasty virus and got completely wiped. After much effort, I got everything back on my computer again, and for the last month and a half I just have been really busy. So that is why I have not done anything with my blog for a long time!
We have had a fun and very eventful summer, I can't wait to post all about it!