Monday, March 29, 2010

Kenna's First Taste of Easter!

This was Kenna's favorite part, sucking on the eggs!

Kenna is proud of her two teeth!

My adorable nieces,
Claire, Lia, Miriam, and Brynn in their Easter Dresses!

Kenna and I looking for Easter Eggs!

Gauge and his Easter Pail

Kenna went to her first Easter Egg hunt yesterday. My in-laws are great, they figured that everyone would have very busy Easters' so we celebrated Easter with Dave's family yesterday. We had an awesome dinner and then we had a great Easter Egg hunt.
It was a lot of fun because there were a ton of eggs, so all of the kids found some, also there were a lot that we laying around perfect for babies to find.
Kenna did really well, she had a lot of fun picking up the eggs, the problem was getting her to put them into her little pail. Every egg she picked up she had to suck on for a while before she was willing to give it up. The other funny thing was Kenna is afraid of grass, she will sit on it but she doesn't like to touch it and she will NOT crawl on it. So getting her to crawl around and pick up eggs was not going to happen. It was a fun time, we are so lucky to have such wonderful family that live so close!

St. George

We just got back from a weekend in St. George! We found out early last week that the little boy I babysat on Fridays was going out of town, so I had the Friday off; and Dave's contract is up and his new one doesn't start until the 1st of April (hence the beard), so we decided to get out of town. It was so fun to go on a little road trip just the three of us! The weather wasn't really warm but we were still able to play in the pool and the hot tub! It was a really relaxing time where we had no real plans other than shop, run, and relax. We took our camcorder, but forgot our camera, so all of these pictures are from our camcorder, that's why they all turned out a little dark.