Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter

I know Easter was a few days ago, but Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a wonderful and fun Easter! We were able to spend time with both my family and Dave's this Easter and it was really nice. Even though you wouldn't know it by looking at the pictures below, McKenna had a blast this Easter! She absolutely loved hunting for Easter Eggs, and she was lucky enough to participate in four Easter Egg hunts, so she definitely got her fill. It was so sweet, all Easter day McKenna wanted to see the Easter Bunny. She kept on saying "Pet Him", she wanted to pet the Easter Bunny so bad!

So I think I am officially a bad Mom because I didn't get a picture of Kenna in her Easter outfit, especially since it was a skirt I made her! I feel really bad about that now that I look at all of the other pictures I got of her on Easter and they turned out pretty bad! I know that Dave took some pictures on his phone, so I am hoping some of those turned out better!
Kenna and her best friend Hudson at the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt (she was staring at Hudson's Dad with the funniest expression on her face!)

McKenna about to collect eggs at the Garlick Easter Egg Hunt

I could not get her to look at me!

Here she is hunting for eggs

Here are the five 2 year olds on the Garlick side of the family
(Kenna and Gracie are almost 2. Don't you love how not one of the is looking at the camera?)